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Monsters, Inc. 3D Blu-ray Ultimate Collector’s Pack Review

Monsters Inc Ultimate Collector's Edition Pack Shot

We missed Monsters, Inc. when it returned to theaters in 3D. Luckily the TV I won last year is a 3D TV and with our 3D Blu-ray player we were able to experience a movie that we love in a whole new way. Monsters, Inc. is one of those wonderful fun and imaginative movies that turns a known concept on its ear. In this case it is monsters under the bed or in the closet in this case. The monsters who are scaring kids are doing a job and like any job there are on the job perils and big time corporations looking at the bottom line instead of what really matters. In this case the corporation believes that children are toxic to monsters and try and keep anyone quiet who learns otherwise. Our heroes not only learn the truth but learn that the laughter of a child provides more energy for Monstropolis than even the highly sought after screams.

It was nice to see Mike and Sulley up to their antics in a whole new way, 3D. There are also tons of great extras in the DVD set including the 3D Blu-ray, the regular Blu-ray, DVD and Digital copy. With this set you are completely covered for any type of media playback device you might have. There are also a bunch of fun extras including a funny sneak peek at the upcoming Monsters University movie where we will see how Mike and Sulley met. More info below. Continue reading Monsters, Inc. 3D Blu-ray Ultimate Collector’s Pack Review

Review: Magna Color Design Studio

Magna Color 3D

Eva and I received a 3D Magna Color toy to try out and review. The Magna Color is interesting. I was excited for us to try it out because it looks really fun in the commercials. Eva’s seen the commercials all the time and she was very excited for me to open the toy and set it up for her.

Set up was pretty easy. The Magna Color came with four different colors but there are spaces for two additional colors. Why skimp on the colors? Why not just include all six colors with this set? You can order the other two colors by calling the number on the instructions. There are also additional packs that can be bought with more stencils and some of the packs have the additional colors. The set we got came with two double sided stencils as well and a pair of 3D glasses.

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