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#AvengersEvent – Interview with Elizabeth Olsen & Aaron Taylor-Johnson about #AgeofUltron

#AvengersEvent Bloggers with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen
#AvengersEvent Bloggers with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen – Photo Credit – Disney

I attended an expense paid trip by Disney to press events for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (#AvengersEvent, #AgeofUltron), all opinions as always are 100% my own.

For our second interview of the day at the Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron press junket we met with the two newest actors to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. These two play the twins, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff who are also Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch respectively. Aaron and Elizabeth told us about being fans of Marvel comics, being a ‘powered’ superhero and how it was to come into this established universe with actors who have been playing their characters for many movies.

A question was asked of Elizabeth regarding playing a character who is fighting but isn’t punching and kicking but rather using powers that will be added in after using special effects. I liked how she responded and it makes much more sense when you see her on screen.

Since basically all of your powers are special effects how was it for you to act out those parts where you’re just kind of staring?

OLSEN : Well, you know what it’s actually really fun because a lot of people have stunt doubles and my stuff is like a dance, so I can’t have a stunt double come in and do that. I always got to be in control over my character’s body movements which was cool, and it was fun because there’s no blueprint to how Scarlet Witch moves ’cause you just see these like awesome finger, hand gestures and these circular red things.

I worked with a movement coach and she and I watched Joss’s version of Scarlet Witch and that was really enjoyable to watch ’cause he would do the motions and we would interpret it into our own thing. It was really fun to work with the dancer on something like that and it adds a different visual element to the fighting. It also felt a little funny because you’re like I’m not making contact with anything, like literally zero contact. There’s a lot of trust that goes in when you have special effects that I wasn’t used to and then after seeing the movie I was like aha, now I’m comfortable. Continue reading #AvengersEvent – Interview with Elizabeth Olsen & Aaron Taylor-Johnson about #AgeofUltron