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April Vacation Family Adventure In Rhode Island

Kids at Pea Poddery
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00109

This whole vacation was very busy with cleaning out the house and getting things ready to list. While we didn’t get incredibly far we did have to take some time to spend together and we did that this morning. Allison and I discussed several options and decided that we would keep it simple. We had two places that we would go to and visit. They were local and easy to get to. We kept things very low-key.

The Kids First Trip to PVDonuts

The first place that we stopped was PVDonuts. It isn’t a long drive from us and it is always super busy because they make incredibly decadent donuts. They constantly come up with new ones, too. They are even doing a Game of Thrones ones every Sunday until the show is over. They did some crazy ones already. Continue reading April Vacation Family Adventure In Rhode Island

Review: The Kid Who Would Be King – #KidWhoWouldBeKing

With the Cast of The Kid Who Would Be King

This past weekend Eva and I had the fortunate luck to be present at a Press Event for the movie, The Kid Who Would Be King. We saw the movie, interviewed some of the cast and had some excellent experiences all around the city of New York. I detailed those adventures in posts earlier this week. What I am talking about today is the movie itself. This is our review. I will give you Eva’s review first. She wrote it out for me to copy here.

“The Kid Who Would Be King is the most amazing, adventurous, magical, incredible, unbelievable movie you will ever see. The actors are absolutely incredible and the special effects are the most realistic ones you will ever see in a movie. The Kid Who Would Be King is a must see for fans of the King Arthur legend or anyone who likes magical, mystical legends. This story really carries the message that no matter what your background, you can go from living in a tiny one room apartment with barely enough food to go around to living in a fifty room mansion with enough food to feed a village.” – Eva Bennett Continue reading Review: The Kid Who Would Be King – #KidWhoWouldBeKing