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Sweet Tasting SweetWorks Cupcakes

SweetWorks Cupcakes
Photo-A-Day #2099

Tonight we took Allison out for a birthday dinner at El Azteca over in Attleboro. We’ve heard all sorts of great things about this place. It was pretty decent. They make good chips and salsa as well as guacamole. The rest of the food was decent. I did get some pretty pedestrian stuff, didn’t step too far outside the comfort zone this time.

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Monkeying Around with Uncle Mike and Julie

Uncle Mike and Julie
Photo-A-Day #2098

Tonight Allison made a great dinner for us and our guests Uncle Mike and Julie. Uncle Mike lives over the garage. He’s also very much a part of our family. He’s also in law enforcement. The other day in church Eva asked Allison. “If Uncle Mike goes to work and protects us, who protects Uncle Mike?” Allison told her that God protects him. she also texted him what Eva said. He responded that “her prayers do.”

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