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It’s No Joke, I’m Attending the #AvengersEvent April 9th-11th

I'm Attending the #AvengersEvent

Ever since seeing Iron Man in 2008 I have made movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe my favorites. That first movie was amazing and I couldn’t get enough of it. I watched it a few times in the theater and even dragged my dad out to see it as well. There were so many great moments in that movie. Then at the end there was the first of the “stingers”, those little final scenes at the end of Marvel movies that every fan knows to wait for. In that one we meet Nick Fury and learn that Tony Stark’s Iron Man is not the only super hero out there. Oh yeah, more movies were coming!

Fast forward to 2014 where I’ve watched every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and rabidly consume every bit of information about upcoming Marvel movies. Allison and I watch Marvel’s Agents of Shield and Agent Carter. Then an amazing thing happened. I was invited to LA to participate in a press tour to view Guardians of the Galaxy and interview cast members like Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista and director, James Gunn. It was an incredible experience. A once in a lifetime trip.

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Loot Crate March 2015: COVERT

Photo-A-Day #3638

For Spy enthusiasts this month’s Loot Crate was awesome. It was filled with some really fun things that I personally liked. There was a funny T-Shirt for James Bond. I got my own Lanyard from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. There was a special cover for the Orphan Black comic book, too.

Then there were items to wear on your wrists. There was a special spy watch and a paracord bracelet. A couple of months ago the crate came with a min comic book book and this month there were two mini books for field notes. Also, there was a Mad Libs that was spy related, too. And to round it out there was a copy of a Ninjak comic that I can download.

The crate itself looks like a special computer and I am sure that there are some secrets to unlock on it as well.

I still love looking forward to what Loot Crate comes up with each month. I have to get back to making videos of the unboxings.