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Returning From A Jolly Holiday

Returning From A Jolly Holiday
Photo-A-Day #1641

Today was the end of our (nearly) Two Week vacation in Florida. We had such an excellent time and met so many fantastic people that I am certainly not at all going to want to head to work tomorrow. And this week I have to recap so many of the awesome things that happened and I also owe you guys 3 Photo-A-Day Photos and posts. They are coming.

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Photo-A-Day #713 03/22/07

Flying Pig in CVG Airport

Today I flew home from Indianapolis. My flight was at 6:10am. I had a thirty minute drive from the hotel to the airport and I hadn’t been to this airport before so I got there my usual two hours ahead. So I ended up staying up all night rather than risking oversleeping. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #713 03/22/07