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Review: Candylab Toys Awesome Wood Cars – GT-10 and Plum50

Candylab Toys Awesome Wood Cars Gt-10 and Plum50
Photo-A-Day #4484

At Blogger Bash NYC and #SweetSuite17 I ran into Vlad and his display of Candylab Toys Awesome Wood Cars. They truly are awesome all around. The designs are simple and yet invoke a feeling of something more. The toys are built well, designed beautifully and roll along quickly and quietly on rubber tires. I was instantly drawn to the Candylab Toys booth because of the Plum50 so when I was asked if I wanted to review the toys I knew that was the one I wanted. I asked Vlad if I could review that one and also mentioned that I liked the GT-10. It reminded me of a certain orange muscle car with the number 01. He said that he’d send me both and I was very excited about that.

I’ll be taking these toys to the Cape with me and I hope to get some fantastic shots with these cars. I did try to do a sunset shot with the cars in the image above.

Candylab Toys has a bunch of great toys. Not only are there cool muscle cars but there are also tow trucks, taxis and police cars as well as campers and station wagons. The company started on Kickstarter and they are having a brand new Kickstarter campaign right now. There are 8 days to go on the Kickstarter and they are fully funded so if you want any of these Kickstarter exclusive vehicles and you better jump on it. The Candylab Toys Kickstarter for the Woodie Redux, the Airstream, the Legend & the Ghost.

Sahara Opens TODAY!!!!!

This just In!! My wonderful, soon to be wife, is going to take me to the Premium (leather seats and beer and all the popcorn you want) Cinemas in Framingham tomorrow to see Sahara for my birthday!!!

Okay, most of you know from talking to me that I tend to get excited about things and really obsess over them, and that is pretty much my feeling on the new movie Sahara. I have been preparing for my enjoyment of this movie by reading every Dirk Pitt novel from the first to the last over the past several months. I am up to Flood Tide, the second book I ever read of Cussler’s back when I started at traveling for work and before I found out that my future father-in-law was also a fan of Clive Cussler. So I was lucky to have been able to raid his stash of Cussler Novels and read them too. Sahara the book was very good but I think that my real connection with the characters happened with Shock Wave, the book right before Flood Tide. Because as I reread and finished that book on this past Tuesday I really connected with the pain that Dirk Pitt was going through and I forgot how that carried over to the book Flood Tide which takes place mere months after the evens of Shock Wave. Reading these books is like stepping directly into an adventure and I am so looking forward to being able to be immersed in the adventure of Sahara on the big screen.

I’ve tried not to look at too much online about the movie because I really don’t like spoilers when it is for something I’ve waited so long to see. I want to see this movie either today or tomorrow so that I don’t have anything else revealed in a trailer. But I did link to the Sahara website and man, they’ve done alot with it. And I found that Matthew McConaughey has his own blog through MTV about his 38 day trip across the USA to promote Sahara in an Airstream. The idea was to go from RV park to RV park across the US, stop at some military bases to screen the film, stop at some colleges to screen the film, pass out hats and t-shirts and go out and meet the people. I read the blog and it is some good stuff. Here is a link to the first entry. Saharastream of consciousness.

So if you want to see a movie that is going to be fun and exciting go and see Sahara this weekend. Because if more people see it then we will get more Dirk Pitt adventures and believe me we need some more Dirk Pitt adventures on the big screen. But I would also recommend that you see the adventures for the first time in your minds eye by reading the Dirk Pitt series of novels from Clive Cussler