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Review: Ideal Mini Sno Markers by Alex Brands

Playing with the Mini Sno-Markers

We received a package of Mini-snow Markers from Ideal by Alex Brands. These are little containers shaped like markers that you fill with warm water and a colored powder. Then you take the markers and use them to draw colorful things in the snow. this set comes with Blue, Red, Green, Purple and Orange. The markers are reusable and refillable squeeze bottles. Two packets of each color are included. The Mini Sno-Markers are recommended for ages 5 and up. Even though Andrew is 3 he was still able to use this but you have to watch out for little ones getting the color all over themselves.

Mini Sno-Markers for small hands

You can pick up your own Ideal Mini Sno Markers by Alex Brands directly from their website or at stores like Target. With the snow starting to melt and it finally becoming time to dig out from the crazy long winter you might be able to pick some sets up on the Snow item clearance area. Although that may have already passed. Continue reading Review: Ideal Mini Sno Markers by Alex Brands

Review: My Tape Town by ALEX TOYS

Photo-A-Day #3484

Today was a rainy one and so Andrew and I were inside. Luckily we had some crafts to help keep us busy. While I was at the Time to Play holiday showcase I stopped by the ALEX BRANDS® booth. They had a ton of great stuff and I noticed My Tape Town by ALEX TOYS and requested a copy to review. Opinions of this product are 100% my own. ALEX BRANDS is pretty extensive and includes many well known iconic names in the toy industry. We are familiar with many of them including Backyard Safari. The kids love that.

As a family of brands, ALEX BRANDS® includes some of the most iconic names in the toy industry, including ALEX TOYS®, POOF®, SLINKY®, SCIENTIFIC EXPLORER®, IDEAL®, ZOOB® and BACKYARD SAFARI®, ZILLION® and CITIBLOCS®. From classic, timeless toys and games to open-ended activities that emphasize children’s developmental needs. ALEX BRANDS lends itself to a lifestyle of creative and active play.

My Tape Town by ALEX TOYS is an interesting set. Inside there are punch out shapes for cars and buildings, trees and more. There are also stickers paper cups and six rolls of tape. Andrew has been more and more interested in using tape. He got into his sister’s tape a few weeks back and that was a disaster that made everyone upset. So, instead of poaching Eva’s tape for projects I figured I’d find one for Andrew alone. I found My Tape Town. Continue reading Review: My Tape Town by ALEX TOYS