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The 50th Company Picnic

at the picnic
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Today was the 50th annual company picnic at work. This was my 18th one and it was the best day weather-wise of them all. It wasn’t too to, rainy or muggy. It was perfectly warm with a slight breeze all day. The sky had big white clouds and blue skies as well. We could not have asked for a better day.

We started our day off with our usual routine. Every year we have fried dough for breakfast. This was the first year that Andrew ate the whole thing himself.

Breakfast of Fried Dough
Breakfast of Fried Dough

After our breakfast we picked up the gifts and then I ran back to the car with them while Allison and the kids waited for the bungie bounce. You can see from the image above that Andrew was big into doing flips while Eva was quite content to bounce up and down without any flipping.

The special Sandcastle
A company sandcastle

As it was the 50th anniversary of the company picnic they had a very special sandcastle made. It was very detailed and nicely made.

Lobster for lunch.

We did a few more things and then decided to have lunch. One of the biggest highlights is lobster. This year I got three of them and prepared them for Allison and I to eat. They were very tasty.

The Giant Slide

After lunch it was time for the rides. The kids are getting bigger so a lot less of the kiddie rides and more of the bigger rides like the giant slide and carousel.

Eva on the carousel
Eva on the carousel

The last thing that we did before we left was stop by the pony rides. Both kids loved it.

Eva on the Ponies
Eva riding on the ponies
Andrew riding the ponies
Andrew riding the ponies

Company Picnic 2018

Eva riding Steel

Today was the annual company picnic. Can you believe that I have been to sixteen of these things. Next month I hit my 17th year and I’ve attended one since I started. Now with the kids getting older they can do so many more things themselves and they are still big fans of attending. Each year we have a few of our favorite things to do. Fried Dough for breakfast and clam chowder right after that. The kids love riding the horses and going through the funhouse maze. I enjoy eating plenty of lobster and Allison enjoys that I crack all the lobsters and prepare them for her. The kids love getting the stuffed animal each year and this year it was a manatee. Below are some photos from our best moments today.

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