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My 14th Annual Company Picnic

My crew
Photo-A-Day #4141

There are few days in a year that I look forward to more than the Annual Company picnic. I am with a company that still throws a giant company picnic. Aside from Health Insurance it is my favorite benefit for working here. Now that we have kids who do not need strollers and who can go on almost every ride in the place it is even more fun.

If I thought about it a day like the one we had today would have cost a couple hundred dollars. All the food, games, prizes, rides and shows together cost a lot of money but at the Annual Company Picnic it is all free. I had three lobsters and could have had more. The weather was brutally hot and I was sweating like crazy while cracking lobsters so that wasn’t too enjoyable, but eating them, oh it was awesome!

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Annual Company Picnic 2013

Photo-A-Day #3047

Today was the annual company picnic. That magical day each year where we eat Fried Dough for breakfast play all sorts of games and go on rides and then have a lobster feast at lunch. Along the way we see friends and have a very fun time. There are so many things to do at the company picnic and both kids even get gifts for attending. We got a stuffed spotted piggie and a blue backpack. Hopefully the kids will share that piggie nicely.

there are many rides and while Eva can go on most of them, Andrew is still too small. He did enjoy the Potato Sack Slide with me.

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