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Super Fun Grub

Super Bowl Grub

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00398

Each year on the day of the Big Game Allison and the kids put together an appetizer dinner. This year she made chicken wings, chicken fingers, pigs in blankets, pot stickers and more. I was able to be home before heading to work tonight so I was able to eat with everyone as we watched the Kitten Bowl. That is another annual event. We just love the cute kitties and the funny puns.

New Year’s Eve 2015

Photo-A-Day #3917

Our Netflix Shot

This New Year’s Eve we settled in for a home-bound evening. That was much later in the day. Before we got to our New Year’s Eve celebration we had a day where we did a bunch of things. Eva went for a playdate over to my Aunt Donna’s house to play with cousin Logan. Andrew and I ran a bunch of bags of clothes and some toys to my sister Shelby’s house. I took Andrew so that he could play with his cousins. The boys had so much fun together. The enjoy roughhousing with each other and then with me as well. We wrestled and goofed around. We played Play-Doh and watched Dinosaur Train. The boys had a nice time. And also when everyone was out of the house Allison had time to do some major cleaning to our bedroom and more. It was some impressive reorganization. Continue reading New Year’s Eve 2015