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Eva’s Center for the Arts

Photo-A-Day #2402

Yesterday evening when I awoke form my afternoon pre-work nap. I was greeted by some things on every step of the stairs. Eva had laid out a bunch of her things and she informed me that they would be going into her Art Box. This was the first that I heard about an Art Box, but Eva wanted to take one of my many boxes from SwagsGiving toys and decorate it. What she really wanted to do was make a box and put the Disney and Sea World Stickers that I had on the box. So for a few minutes before I headed to work yesterday I sat with Eva and we started decorating the box. We’ll probably use it to store the art that she brings home from pre-school because she has a whole Art cart for her art supplies. Continue reading Eva’s Center for the Arts

Praying for… Santa?

Photo-A-Day #1719

At work today a friend of mine brought in cupcakes. The cupcakes had these cute little plastic rings shaped like little plastic mittens. When I got home today I gave them to Eva to play with. Then I tried to take pictures of her hands. A two year old cannot hold their hands still for more than 0.3 seconds, it is a scientific fact I just made up. At first I got frustrated that she wouldn’t hold her hands still. As I followed her hands and got more comfortable in the process of enjoying her enjoying playing with the rings I ended up with some pretty sweet shots.

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