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What will be your legacy?

What will be your legacy?
Photo-A-Day #1396

Tonight I went with my mom to the Distinguished Alumni Awards ceremony at my High School. We are both graduates of the school. I won the young alumni service award in 2001 and mom won a distinguished alumni award a few years prior. Each year I am invited back to attend the event. I have not had a chance to get back since that year, however this year I had an important reason to go. I had 4 signed copies of Ed Gerety’s book Combinations to give to the school.

When I was in High School I was involved in many clubs and organizations, one was Student Council. I was the class treasurer and I enjoyed my role very much. It has kept me busy well beyond the high school college years too. I’ve been involved in our reunions and keeping touch with many of my classmates. The things I learned as a student leader helped me immensely as I grew up. So I wanted to give something back.

This week I reread Combinations and wrote about how each of the combinations could relate to us as bloggers. We had Gratitude, Attitude, Respect, Kindness and Believe. Each of those values were pieces of the puzzle to help unlock the combination to become a better student leader and a better blogger.

Now after putting those combinations together and seeing all of the people who received Distinguished Alumni Awards tonight I saw how each of these people exhibited great combinations of those values. I saw how an entire family has come together to use their time treasure and talents to leave a legacy at my High School. I also saw how another alumnus has used his life to expose injustices in the world. Each person I saw did something with their lives to be of service to others. They each did some amazing things and gave much of themselves in service and that is what a true leader does, they give of themselves.

Now, as far as the books, I first tried to give them to the President of the high school, he directed me to Sr. Pat who still works with the Student Leaders but now she has some additional help from the next generation. The president’s daughter also works with the student leaders.

Well, Sr. Pat and Katherine were so excited about the books and we talked about doing a workshop for the student leaders and I can be involved and help too. That made me really excited because I have wanted to get back into working with student leaders and being able to give back to my high school is very important. I am looking forward to becoming more involved in the local community as well and this will be a great start.

Ten Bills.com T-Shirt Giveaway

About a month ago a company called TenBills.com approached me about their site. The sell $10 T-Shirts. A great price but what really makes them unique is that the T-Shirts are all created by T-Shirt lovers that are passionate about not only T-Shirts but they are art lovers, music lovers and just plain lovers.

This team has decided to create high quality shirts that they would love to wear and they think that others would love to wear them as well. Their online marketing so far is small. When they contacted me they said that they were introducing themselves to me because my blog didn’t specialize in clothing for men. Sure I’ve talked about T-Shirts before and I’ve even made a one myself with Zazzle.

When they contacted me I decided to engage them with a trade. I looked through their catalog of T-shirts and picked out two that I really liked and that I would wear on a regular basis.

Exhausted Evolution of Flight

I then sent an e-mail back asking for those two shirts and some prizes for a contest for my readers. They not only accepted the offer but are supplying me with 12 T-Shirts to give to you. I’ve been receiving e-mails from them since then and a brand new T-Shirt caught my eye so I bought it right away. I love it!

Seize a Memory

Now for the giveaway. The best part is, this is open to ALL my readers. That’s right, everyone regardless of location.

Because of TenBills.com generosity I want to do something special for these guys. They are high quality and they are passionate about what they do so I want to show them that my readers are also passionate people. If you are passionate enough then you might win one or a couple of these T-Shirts.


  • 1st Prize – 4 Shirts from TenBills.com
  • 2nd Prize – 3 Shirts from TenBills.com
  • 3rd Prize – 2 T-Shirts from TenBills.com
  • 4th Prize – 1 T-Shirt from TenBills.com
  • 5th Prize – 1 T-Shirt from TenBills.com
  • 6th Prize – 1 T-Shirt from TenBills.com

Official Rules
So here’s how you could win a T-Shirt from TenBills.com

Mandatory to Participate

  • 2 Entries – – Venture to the TenBills.com site pick out the shirt that you would most want to win and tell me the name of the artist of that shirt and why you want to win the shirt. – Leave this in a comment – if this is not done nothing else will count.

Let’s get TenBills.com some friends.

  • 1 Entry – Friend TenBills.com on Facebook
  • 1 Entry – Follow TenBills.com on Twitter
  • 1 Entry Friend TenBills on Shuttercal – My new favorite Photo-A-Day tool so while you are at it friend me there too!
  • Bonus Entries – 2 Entries – Create some social network buzz. Talk this contest up on your Social Media Outlets, leave a comment on this post for each place you talk about the contest (for instance post the link to this contest on Facebook -2 entries)

Super Bonus entries

  • 10 Entries – Write a blog post about what you are most passionate about, mention TenBills.com (give em a link if you are so inclined, too) and a T-Shirt of theirs that you really like or suggest a T-Shirt that you would like to see made. Link to this contest post as well. – Leave a Comment on this post with the link to your post.

This giveaway will run through midnight on January 19, with winners being announced the morning of January 20. Winners will be chosen using Random.org from all valid entries. Winner will have 48 hours to contact me before another winner is chosen. The winners have to pick out the shirts that they want. They will receive that shirt as long as TenBills.com has it in stock. I will work with the winners and TenBills.com to make sure you get a shirt you love. Giveaway is open to anyone regardless of location.