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Bear Went Over the Mountain Watercolor

Photo-A-Day #3572

Tonight before I left for work Eva showed me a sketch that she made and then painted with watercolors. I am impressed by how much she wants to draw and sketch and now paint with watercolors. I love that she is inclined to creative and artistic things. Her abilities are getting stronger and stronger.

The Bear Went over the Mountain is the play that Eva is part of for the Triboro Youth Theater. Eva has the role of the bear in the play. At first she was so upset that she got that role. She didn’t want to be the bear because the bear was grumpy and she wanted to be a happy deer. But once we read through the script she embraced her role. I think she is really excited now.

Review, Giveaway and Blog Tour for John Rocco’s Book, Blizzard

Blizzard blog tour banner

I was sent a copy of John Rocoo’s book, Blizzard. I knew one thing about John and that was that he wrote and illustrated this book about the Blizzard of ’78. I was four when that happened and we lived right over the Rhode Island border, close to where the story takes place. I remember being in our house with no electricity, a two year old sister and a brand new puppy. I’m sure that my Mom remembers that blizzard much more vividly than the rest of us because she had to deal with the new puppy and two kids under 5. My Dad was out helping to plow the snow. I remember being told that if I even step out of the house I’d get lost in a snow drift.

Illustration copyright © 2014 by John Rocco. BLIZZARD
Illustration copyright © 2014 by John Rocco. BLIZZARD

Reading this book to the kids made me think back to that Blizzard as much as my four year old self remembered. Mostly it was things that people told me and no so much what we did during that time. I can’t remember it all that clearly. John is older than me and when the Blizzard of 78 hit he was old enough to be outside and help. Blizzard is a story of how a young boy helped his neighborhood during that Blizzard.

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