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Photo-A-Day #703 03/12/07

Allison holding Baby Kaylee

Today Allison and I headed home from NH. We played a few more games with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Wayne and Andy and Marylin. Dice games like Farkle, One The Rocks and Moose Spotting were a lot of fun. Andy and Marylin had a game called Pass the Pigs. This was a very fun little game that used little pigs instead of dice. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #703 03/12/07

Photo-A-Day #702 03/11/07

Today I snowshoed up and around the Flume in the Franconia Notch State Park. I was with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Wayne and their friends Marylin and Andy. Allison hung back at the house and got a ton of knitting done as well as some book club reading completed. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #702 03/11/07