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Photo-A-Day #2862

This Sunday I’m heading to Toy Fair for a couple of days. It will be my first time at the event. I’m very excited and cannot wait to see all the great new toys for the coming year. I found a few belt buckles online that would really fit the bill for my look while checking out all those toys.

I had the Autobot symbol for a few years and the belt that ti was on ended up falling apart. It had taken me a while to get a new belt and when I was looking for belts I saw the Thundercats, Captain America and Superman buckles. I had some money in my Amazon account and so I picked them all up. I’m so happy that they arrived in time for my trip and prior to the big snowstorm that is coming tomorrow.

My New Favorite Transformer: Backfire

Photo-A-Day #2235

I’ve gone on record before as stating that I dislike the Transformers Movie toys. They are cheap, not that well made and the robots look horrible. I’ve even gone so far as stating that Transformers 2 scenes looked like someone threw a ton of silverware in the air and filmed it at triple speed. However, despite that, when Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon comes out in July I’ll be seeing the movie at least twice in the theater (once in IMAX). If I can get advanced screening tickets again that would be fantastic. I’ve seen Transformers 1 & 2 at advanced screenings and the energy in the theater made the movie. Continue reading My New Favorite Transformer: Backfire