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Bourque Family Fun Day 2012

Photo-A-Day #2690

Today we went up to Holden to visit Allison’s Aunt and Uncle and have a family fun day. We caught up with Allison’s Mom’s side of the family and had a very fun day. Eva got to play with some of her cousins and second cousins and she had a blast. She played with balloons, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and much more. There was a even a little ball pit in an inflatable swimming pool and Andrew LOVED that. He sat in there for hours playing with the little plastic balls while Grandma Eva looked on. They were both delighted with the situation. Continue reading Bourque Family Fun Day 2012

Day Three of Blog World Expo 2010 – Conference Overload

The Antonia's Nuts Team with the Celebrity Surfboard and Nut Truck
Photo-A-Day #2017

Today was the last day of Blog World Expo and I don’t think I was the best conference attendee today. I woke up and just hung around the room for a while in the morning not really motivated to go see the opening day keynote. I wasn’t hung over or anything like that, I was just not motivated. That and I figure I can go watch the keynotes later when I am up for absorbing the knowledge from them. Sure, it is not the same as being there but I just was not into it today. Continue reading Day Three of Blog World Expo 2010 – Conference Overload