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Keep Falling

Keep Falling
Photo-A-Day #1297

Today was a nice Fall day, Allison and I took Eva to Church and then after lunch we took her for a little walk. Eva ended up falling asleep right before we got home and luckily when Allison picked her up out of the stroller she remained asleep. That gave us time to watch one episode of Smallville (and I fell asleep).

Today was one of those lazy Sundays where we took care of a few things around the house like putting away Eva’s birthday gifts and putting batteries in all the new toys that make the noise. Good news is that I am now well versed in the Alphabet song. Maybe my spelling will improve.

Some Bonus Photos for you.

I'm behind the camera now
While still too little for a real camera Eva does have a toy video camera that now has fresh batteries and some strange sounds.

Mother and Daughter
Eva sleeping after her walk around the loop. She luckily did not go waking up.