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Import Contacts into Your DROID

Motorola DROIDToday I finally got connected to my DROID. It was a quick and easy call. The phone got activated no problem either. I asked about my Verizon Wireless account and how I could no longer log into it. Well, come to find out I was using the wrong username and password. So once I signed in I was able to grab my contacts on a .CSV file from Backup Assistant. Unfortunately, I tried many different ways to upload the .CSV file but it didn’t work at all. I put the .CSV file from Verizon onto the micro SD card. So I downloaded a bunch of apps and tried them all but no luck.

I did pull in my Google contacts and my Facebook contacts. Then started weeding through the ones that should be in the phone and also merging those that were doubles.

I was getting frustrated with not being able to use backup assistant. I would have thought that it would have been a Verizon app. It makes no sense that the app was not there. I had 276 contacts in my old EnV phone and I was not going to type them all back in so I started an internet search and came across a good workaround that was actually put up by Verizon. Makes me feel better about the Customer Service there.

How to Transfer Contacts from your phone to your Droid

It is pretty simple. You go to your Backup Assistant on My Verizon and download the .CSV file. Then you open up Gmail and your contacts. There is a button for importing contacts and you can import the .CSV file and it will even merge people that you have on your gmail contact list, then as long as you are syncing your contacts from Gmail on your DROID you’ll be all set.