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Settling Down with a Good Book

Photo-A-Day #2675

James sitting on Allison’s Barefoot Books. James has been a bit of a pest lately. I’ve learned that I have to wedge something under our door to prevent the little bugger from waking me up while I sleep during the day. Today I got home and started reading a bit of A Dance with Dragons (Book 5 of A Song of Fire and Ice i.e. Game of Thrones). I usually read a page or two and pass out hard. I was asleep and then there was a ruckus from James. He then pounced all over me and began licking me at my elbow and pouncing on my legs and back to the elbow. The next thing I know is that I’ve got itchy bumps right in the crook of my elbow. I certainly hope that I haven’t developed an allergy to the cats.