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Andrew’s Favorite is Baymax

Andrew Loves Baymax
Photo-A-Day #3847

Andrew loves the movie Big Hero 6. He especially loves Baymax. When we play Disney Infinity he often chooses this character to play. That is right after he chooses Randal from Monsters University. Randal is his favorite character to use in the game but Baymax is simply his favorite character. Allison Found this cute shirt in the clearance aisle at Target. I think it is one of the better Big Hero 6 shirts I have seen. It shows the two sides of Baymax. I like how this shirt looks with the Baymax toy from Infinity right up front. Great pose from the toy and great look from the shirt.

I head down to Disney in two days and I’ll have to keep an eye out for special Baymax toys or clothes for Andrew and some Disney Descendants stuff for Eva. Her favorite is Mal.

Free Comic Book Day 2015

Photo-A-Day #3676

Today I took the kids out to Wild Time Comics to pick up free comic books for Free Comic Book Day. We got there a few minutes early and we were pretty close to the first people into the store. Andrew got a couple of books and so did Eva. Then they got some goodie bags, cookies and Andrew got himself a drink box as well. I took a photo with Randy who was dressed as Thor. We’ve been doing this particular photo every year that we’ve ever gone to the event. It is one of the highlights for me. I didn’t get a photo with the kids while we were there but Allison took a photo of us when we returned home. Andrew still would not wear the Baymax mask.

Post Free Comic Book Day Haul

While we were at the event Andrew did pretty well with not shooting the Baymax fist while at the event. He was holding it in until we got home. Allison captured it flying through the air. I hope that we continue to attend this event and eventually the kids will stay a little longer and not be as afraid of some of the more scary costumes. Continue reading Free Comic Book Day 2015