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Unboxing the Star Wars Fijix Super Spinners from Uncle Milton

Uncle Milton Fijix Spinners
Photo-A-Day #4614

Uncle Milton sent us an assortment of their new Star Wars Fijix Spinners, Super Spinners and Super Shapes for free to play with and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

Fidget spinners are all the rage and there are so many different kinds. Uncle Milton has their own series of these types of toys called Fijix. There are three different kinds: Super Spinners, Spinners and Super Shapes. Their Star Wars Fijix are really well done. You can see in the video below that Eva and Andrew loved the Super Shapes. The Darth Vader one captures so many aspects of Vader’s look including the buttons on his armor and more. The kids have even more fun spinning the Super Spinners. These are Fijix spinners inspired by the characters from Star Wars and have fun features from each one. They decided that the Spinners would go to Christmas is for kids. You can see it all in the video below.

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Smuggler’s Bounty – The Last Jedi – Win or Whiff!

Smugglers Bounty
Photo-A-Day #4613

I received my Smuggler’s Bounty box the other day and I opened it. I wasn’t that thrilled with what was inside this time. I felt that there could have been better things and I was also missing some of the things that I have really enjoyed about previous boxes, namely the patches and pins. What happened to the patches and pins. Then some of the boxes had been enclosing card that explained the choices behind some of the items included and how they came about as well as their significance. That was missing. The overall contents of the box were okay but I would have liked something else. I did an unboxing video that you can see below. Tell me what you think of the latest box and if it lives up to the standards you have come to expect from the Smuggler’s Bounty subscription.

I also got my second year founder’s trophy. It is revealed in the video as well.