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Family BBQ Night

Family BBQ Night

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00451

Each week during isolation we are trying to support a different local restaurant. This week we decided upon Chub’s Blue Pig BBQ. We’ve been fans of this BBQ joint for a long time. They run a small place and do a lot of take out. They have short runs of food and often sell out. They do a great job working with their social media to get the word out about all of their specials and when they run out of things. I saw that they were doing car-side service. You place your orders online and pay online and they will put your order in your car so there would be no contact. I pulled up, gave a call and popped my trunk. Jessica came out and put the food in the trunk. We waved and smiled. All good.

Picking up BBQ

After dinner we did FaceTime with Mimi and Dano. The kids called to thank them for a special delivery that arrived today, a basketball hoop. I had planned to bring the kids to a park to play, but that hasn’t happened. Instead Andy took a wire tomato cage and stuck it in the ground. The kids were using that to shoot their basketball. That wasn’t going to do. So, tomorrow we’re going to put that together and the kids will be playing soon enough in the backyard.

Lourdes of the Ribs

Family at Chubs
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00052

I took the family to Chub’s Blue Pig BBQ for lunch today and it did not disappoint. Everyone enjoyed the food and the atmosphere of the place. We decided to go with the sampler with a full rack of ribs. It is a good thing we got a full rack because Eva pretty much devoured a half rack all on her own. Andrew wasn’t as hungry. He must have been a bit off because all he did was pick. That isn’t like him. But, then again, Eva wasn’t quite herself either as you can see below.

Evas dont touch my ribs face

Eva could not get enough of everything in the sample especially the ribs. She ate so many of them and if you tried to get anywhere near them she got quite possessive. Her friend Maryana coined the name Lourdes of the Ribs after Lord of the Rings and the Gollum character. I thought it more silly like Monty Python and the Holy Grail with the cute little attack bunny. Either way the whole family enjoyed a great lunch at Chub’s. A must eat place in our area.