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App Review: Wild Kratts Creature Power

Wild Kratts Creature Power Game

We received the Wild Kratts Creature Power game for the iOS. I downloaded it to my iPhone and gave the app to Eva to play. She took to it right away. The app has three fun games included with creature powers for Elephants, Raccoons and Bees. The app is pretty simple for kids to understand and each game is explained clearly and quickly. I liked that the game was voiced by the Kratt brothers and the animation and art was consistent with the show. I love the creature power suits too. Continue reading App Review: Wild Kratts Creature Power

Fresh Air and Funny

Fresh Air and Funny
Photo-A-Day #1647

With Eva off with Mimi and Grandpa Dano Allison and I took advantage of some alone time. We slept late, went to Mass and then went down to Town Restaurant for breakfast. Having a nice breakfast and time to talk together was wonderful. We love Eva and spending time with her however having adult conversation is not easy when we are watching Eva. It was just nice not to be interrupted by spilled milk, messy fingers and screaming.

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