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The Weather Inside Ain’t Frightful

The Weather Inside Ain't Frightful
Photo-A-Day #1342

I have a new desk. I have nothing of mine at the new desk but I do have a new desk in a new building. This building is really beautiful and so it is high profile for customer visits. I have to clean up my act in this place. One really nice thing that is in this building is the atrium. Inside the atrium are many trees and plans and a water area. Each Christmas a giant tree is erected and decorated. This tree has 4 way stabilization action going on too.

Spent some time with Dad tonight, we went over to La Havana for dinner. I got my favorite, Vaca Frita. Dad got a pork and onions sandwich. He was impressed with the food.

A pretty quiet day around here. However one really cool thing happened, I received my first shipment of 2009 Photo-A-Day Calendars from Vista Print. They are awesome. I wish there was some way to make a product that I created, available to buy through Visitaprint. But there is not. These calendars are destined for The Preservation Framer to be sold locally. However, you can buy my Photo-A-Day Calendar from Zazzle or Lulu. The Zazzle one has all the titles of the photos. I was unable to put them on the Lulu one. And Zazzle has discount coupons almost every day. I just want to give everyone a choice.

Looks like Stephen The Dog snooped around my Big Box of Awesome and found something. Go visit him to find out what Stephen found in BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome