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Chalk, Walk, Good Talk

Photo-A-Day #1917

Allison and I are big TV fans, we spend many nights watching TV as I write my blog posts. We are fans of all sorts of shows and the DVR is a magical device in our home. It is great for keeping some of Eva’s favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows and we use it to capture our favorite shows and specials that we’d love to watch again. Sometimes we get behind on the shows and have a little DVR cleaning night where we clear out everything. Continue reading Chalk, Walk, Good Talk

Monday Night TV Shuffle

Monday nights are going to be the death of us. There may be spoilers.

Last night many of the Monday night shows started. Chuck premiered, so did Life. Last week we had the premieres of Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and CSI Miami. If we were to watch everything that we enjoy on Monday night then it is a 6 hour night of TV. I did what I said yesterday and I taped Chuck and CSI Miami. I’ll catch Terminator on Hulu.com later.

We did watch Big Bang theory and How I Met Your Mother, Heroes and Life (Which is going to Fridays and in two weeks My Own Worst Enemy takes the NBC 10pm spot)

Big Bang Theory – We’re dragging out the Leonard and Penny storyline, they would be good together but instead are dating other people. Sheldon makes many strange statements, we laughed. Episode was funny for the most part. Sarah Gilbert part of the cast for a few episodes at least.

How I Met Your Mother – The quest for the best burger in New York. This was a pretty funny one where it was all about Marshall’s quest for the burger that he had when he first moved to New York. I loved the underpants radius explanation, that was worth watching because it is so true. Regis Philbin guest starred on this episode. The gang goes from place to place eating Burgers, and it looks like they end up doing a “chew and Screw” at each place. Poor Robin is so hungry she eats from the trash and even licks a deposit envelope to get some sustenance.

Here is what TV Squad had to say about this episode.

Heroes –
Matt – He’s in Africa with a guide who can paint the future (is this Issac reincarnated or is his essence in this man?) Matt see’s images painted of his whole life and when he gets to an image of himself with a family (what he truly wants) the guide paints over it because the future has changed. It is time for Matt to see what is to come.

Claire – Claire wants to help people and that is why she wants to learn to fight. She is feeling nothing, nothing at all since Sylar took her ability. She wants to fight so she convinces her birth mother to help her learn. Instead her birth mother teaches her to survive and to face what happened to her so instead of wanting to “help people” she wants to hurt Sylar for what he did to her. Claire takes off with a box of documents.

Hiro and Ando – Hiro is going to fulfill the future prophecy that he saw. He is pushing Ando away and will make him turn against Hiro (that is what I suspect). Hiro is still chasing Daphne (He calls her Nemesis and she calls him Picachu). Hiro and Ando steal the other half of the formula from The Haitian. Daphne steals it from them and takes off. The Haitian wakes up and Hiro and Ando end up in Level 5.

Future Peter Petrelli – He finds the present day Peter and removes him from Jesse. Then takes him to the future to show him what has happened.

Present Peter Petrelli – He is trapped int he body of a Level 5 villain and tries to keep the other level 5’s from killing people in the bank. He is found out and attacked but discovers the power that was inside Jesse. Wait a minute wasn’t that the power that the guy from the webisode had? Peter ends up being pushed to the future.

Nathan Petrelli – He starts his day as the Junior Senator and learns more about Tracey Strauss.

Tracey Strauss – Tracey travels to New Orleans to discover the body of Nikki Sanders as well as Nikki’s son Micah. Micah will no longer be part of the storyline. He does lead Tracey to a Dr. Zimmerman who reveals that he “made” Tracey. Interesting, multiple personalities or multiple, cloned people?

Mrs. Petrelli – She is pretty damn evil. She feeds another hero to her son Sylar. Now he can touch and object and know the entire history of that object. Evil. She also makes Noah Bennet team up with Sylar.

The best twist of the show was Noah and Sylar being teamed up. Noah is still a bad ass and he goes into the bank unarmed to resolve the issues. I think he figured that Peter Petrelli would help him and by admonishing Sylar he also guaranteed that Sylar would also come and help. In the bank before Noah arrives Knox kills the German, Peter is found out to not be Jesse. So Noah is tied up and Peter discovers Jesse’s power. Future Peter shows up and pushes Present Peter out of Jesse. Noah is now screwed but Sylar shows up to help him. But Sylar cannot be stopped so he kills Jesse and takes his ability, Knox escapes. What I want to know is if Sylar can take the ability of a dead Hero as well? Did he take the ability of the German?

In the end one of the 12 has been captured and returned to Level 5. One killed by Sylar, one killed by Knox. Sylar is put back into holding on Level 5 as well. He will be back in action with Noah though and I know there will be the episode where Claire find this out and lose it. And in the end Noah tells the Haitian that he will find Sylar’s weakness and kill him.

No sign of Suresh, Maya or Elle.

Here is what TV Squad had to say about the episode.

Life –
Charlie Crews is back and on the trail of a serial killer. Crews and Dani Reese are still partners and they investigate three bodies that are found in trunks in various places around the city. Donal Logue joins the cast as the new captain. He is a little weird and keeps making strange statements to Dani, sort of like flirting but not really. It was strange, but then again everyone on the show is a bit strange. I have to admit I fell asleep a bit here and there but eventually the case is wrapped up and the serial killer picked people who were celebrating the happiest days of their lives. I’m not sure if I will keep up with this.

Here is what TV Squad had to say about Life.

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