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Post Wedding Recovery

Photo-A-Day #2354

The day after Shelby’s wedding we spent picking up around the tent, opening gifts, having a delicious brunch and saying goodbyes. It was a day to start to wind down from the weekend.

We started the morning by pickup up the things left over at the tent. We brought back the Bennett Bar, the row boat/beer boat. Dad picked up a ton of plants. mums, to decorate around the outside of the tent. We picked up things that were left and various other items. There was a bunch of non-alcoholic beer left over and we packaged that up and left it with the stuff for the rental guys. One real beer was left but one of the guys took care of that one. Leave no beer behind. Continue reading Post Wedding Recovery

Months of Hard Work Realized

Months of Hard Work Realized
Photo-A-Day #1550

This is an heirloom baby blanket that Allison spent the past three + months knitting and sewing together for our niece. Our niece was born this past Thursday and we were able to travel up to NH today and visit Nate and Sarah and baby S. Eva was pretty good while we were there. She was very gentle with her cousin. She did try to wrap her up with the blanket at one point. She does that with her doll all the time. We kept an eagle eye on her because she can sometimes be less than gentle. We’re working on it.

Both Allison and I got time to hold our new niece and she is such a sweet baby. We also took a bunch of photos (no photos of the baby online per parent’s wishes). I loved holding her even though I was a bit nervous because she is so small. And she’s a peanut. She snuggled into the crook of my arm for a good 1/2 hour. Eva showed no signs of jealousy either, she wanted to touch the baby and she did touch the baby’s feet.

On the way back home we stopped at a restaurant called the Lakeside restaurant. Eva refused to eat anything but a pickle, ketchup and a bite of a burger. The problem was that Eva fell asleep right after we left Nate and Sarah’s place. The restaurant was about a half hour away. Our fault, should not have woken her up. The place wasn’t too bad and it was on a lakeside but the bathroom was disgusting. Well, the woman’s bathroom was according to Allison and she doesn’t exaggerate.

We got home and both pretty much passed out and Eva watched her favorite movie, Mary Poppins. I can pretty much tell you everything about that movie at this point. We realized that we had nothing in the house so we walked downtown and got a pizza at North Attleboro House of Pizza. They make a very good pie there. And there is nothing like getting it hot and fresh at the restaurant. Eva was nudgie all through dinner and ate only a few bites. I think she needs to get back onto her schedule after all the excitement of this past weekend. We got home and she went right to bed, the kid needs her rest.