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Shooting What I like

Shooting What I like
Photo-A-Day #1599

After shooting for 1599 straight days and posting each of those days I finally figured out that I’m just going to shoot what I like and see if readers enjoy it too. I don’t have any epic knowledge to impart to anyone. I just like taking photos. I see something that looks cool and I decide that I want to shoot it. I find the Praying Mantis to be very interesting to photograph and so I took a number of photos of them again today. So what if I just photographed them two days ago these are different shots and some rather interesting ones especially with the Depth of Field. So far I’ve found 3 regulars in our garden area. Two hang out on the Black Eyed Susans and the other one, from today’s photo hangs out on some of the sunflowers. Which have seen better days. I keep watering them every night but they are in tough shape.

You Sneaking up on Me?

I see you

Not much going on here today Mom came home to get her classroom ready and Eva is very happy to spend some time with her. I think Eva took a little advantage however and got Memere to feed her. She sure ate good for Memere, something she hasn’t done at dinner for us in a while.

I have been busy actually I am now working on updating and maintaining websites/blogs for two friends. Ed Gerety I mentioned the other day and his Dream Big Blog and also Kim Ann Curtin and her The Coach Shoppe Blog. Both blogs have some great motivating content. I look forward to what is in store from both Ed and Kim.

Off to continue reading Y The Last Man graphic novels. The story is just so interesting. And I also need to continue reading Trust Agents which came out today.