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Travelling to Blogger Bash NYC 2016

Dinner at Daisy Mays BBQ
Photo-A-Day #4108

This morning I headed to Providence to catch the train in to New York City. I am spending a couple of days in the city for Blogger Bash 2016. This is a blogger event with some very fun events planned throughout the few days on site. I’ll be going on The Ride, pitching my blog to a bunch of sponsors and seeing a ton of hot new toys from 80+ different brands. That will be incredible.

The train ride down was good, it seemed faster than normal to me. I wrote up a blog post and watched the movie The Wedding Ringer (except for the last 10 minutes). I got there before it ended and then walked from Penn Station to 48th street. It was a nice brisk walk on a comfortable day. It could have been sweltering but it was great, nice breeze and everything.

I got to my hotel at the same time as my roommate, Tim of A Geek Daddy. I had just sat down and heard my name. Tim went over to the Intrepid Museum and I went for lunch. I found my way to Lansdowne Road where I got some Beef Short Rib Tacos and some Fried Pickles. The tacos were great but the fried pickles left much to be desired. I didn’t eat many of them anyway as I’m trying to cut down the carbs. Then I walked back to the hotel and waited for check in. Went upstairs to get a little rest. I couldn’t sleep.

Tim came back from his trip and the two of us went out to get some dinner at Daisy May’s BBQ. I got a Beef Brisket Sandwich and it was okay. Not a Brother Jimmy’s by any stretch. Man I love that place.

We got back to the hotel and got ready to go and get our badges for the conference over at Yotel. It is good to know people. I was with Tim and so I was able to get into a little reception where I got to meet Veenita from I Am Elemental. We talked for a long time about so many things. She was so cool. I can’t wait to go to the I Am Elemental Booth and show you the new series of female action figures, Wisdom. That and more are in today’s vlog.

I Talked About Photos

Photo-A-Day #1981

On the second day of the Modern Media Man Summit I gave a session on how to take great photos and post them to the internet to share with others and gain links back too your blog posts. It is my belief that we should be creating our own content like audio, video and photos even if it is not perfect at least it is authentic. So, that is pretty much what my session was all about. It was to be a panel but it ended up just being me doing the session. I think it went pretty well and I posted the entire thing in the previous blog post for today. Continue reading I Talked About Photos