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Blog friends in Indiana … PAD #1026

Blog friends in Indiana ... PAD #1026

Today I am in Indiana and I was able to go and visit with Karen from The Pond and Tina from Tina’s Treasured Thoughts. You can see them both in today’s photo, Karen on the Left and Tina on the right.

Karen had seen that I was going to be in Indiana and asked me which part and come to find out I would be driving right by where she lived so she invited me for a visit. Then her friend Tina asked to come over and meet me as well. I had a great time talking with Karen and Lynn about all sorts of things and especially blogging. It is great when you connect with people and realize that behind each blog there is a person there who has great ideas and wants to share them with other people. It was also good to talk about things and feel validated on what I was thinking on different subjects with regards to blogging.

I stayed for a couple of hours and Tina and her husband Jack came over around 5:00. We chatted for a bit more and Karen brought out my 2008 Photo-A-Day calendar, Tina liked it so much she is going to order a few. I was going to retire the calendar but I hadn’t gotten around to it.

And all too soon I had to get going, I took a photo of Karen and Tina and then Lynn took one of Tina, Me and Karen.

Three Bloggers

Karen also gave me a sweet gift bag for Eva. It included a cute hat for the Indianapolis colts and a great book I can read to Eva. I’m not sure if Eva’s uncles will let her wear the hat but since I’m not a gung ho sports fan I say go ahead and wear it, it is a very cute hat for my little girl. I had another great day with some fellow Posties who are such down to earth nice people. Thanks for the great hospitality! Looking forward to another visit or convention.

Tonight I got to Kokomo and caught up with the other demonstrators for dinner. We had a great meal at Outback and then out came the camera.

Hanging with the team

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