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#Unboxing Hasbro ALT-Mode Transformers

Transformers ALT-MODES Acid Storm and Smokescreen
Photo-A-Day #4316

After a while of teasing that I had these Blind Boxes to open I finally opened two of them for this blog. I had been saving them to do a massive unboxing over on the Big Damn Kid channel and I will still do that. I just have two less to open at this time. These ALT-MODE Blind Boxes are pretty cute. It wasn’t until after I had completed my video that I realized that you pull on the Faction Symbol on the top of the character’s head to make them transform. That works way better and it is a cool gimmick. Watch as I stumble, mumble and fumble through this unboxing. I even misname a character. I never do that! Ugh.

SwagsGiving 2 Giveaway: Transformers KRE-O Set

Transformers is my all time favorite line of toys, comic books and cartoons. I also liked the movies but let’s not push it. The one thing that we can thank the movie for is the resurgence in interest in the Transformers franchise and that means more Cartoons, comics and toys, so in that vein I certainly appreciate those movies. That and they were fun to watch. Out of the movies comes a new line of Transformers toys called Transformers KRE-O. KRE-O is a link of brick based building toys that are used to create Transformers like Optimus Prime, Megatron, SideSwipe and BumbleBee. Some of the sets have characters with G1 (Generation 1 from the 80’s) like styles and others are from the movie. I received an Optimus Prime set and it was awesome to build.

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