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Some Adorable BORN IN CHINA Clips

Born in China - Cha cha

Disneynature’s new movie, BORN IN CHINA looks adorable. I have enjoyed the previous Disneynature films and am looking forward to seeing this one, too. These movies are always filled with beautiful locations, heart and humor. This time around John Krasinski from The Office is doing the narration so you know that the humor will be there. Just check out these cute clips below.

“Snow Cha Cha” Clip

“Walking is Hard” Clip
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Disneynature’s BORN IN CHINA – Panda Facts


While I missed posting this on National Panda Day I did get some fun information to share with you about the upcoming Disneynature film, BORN IN CHINA which is opening in theatres everywhere next month. I have enjoyed many of the Disneynature films of the past. A few years ago I was lucky enough to be part of a press tour where I got to see Monkey Kingdom and promote that. I enjoyed that one very much and Tina Fey was an excellent narrator. I am looking forward to see how John Krasinski does as the narrator. I’ve always enjoyed his voice on things. Below I have clips and a whole video on Panda facts. After that even more great info on the upcoming movie.

“Meet Ya Ya and Mei Mei” Clip

Panda Fact Video Featuring Narrator John Krazinski
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