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Photo-A-Day #717 03/26/07

Sunrise at Logan Airport

Getting up in the early early morning has some benefits. Shorter lines at the airport, and occasionally I get a great sunrise to look at. I’ve been thinking about the upcoming Photo contest on FuelMyBlog and the theme is “My Window on the World”. So that was my window on the world today and many other days. Maybe I should submit it. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #717 03/26/07

Photo-A-Day #716 03/25/07

Label maker fun.

This is what happens when we leave the label maker out and Andy comes over to visit. He got bored watching us play Wario Smooth Moves and decided that the label maker would be much more fun. And then today my cousins Madison and Haley came over after church and had fun labeling things, like my hand. Continue reading Photo-A-Day #716 03/25/07