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Christmas Jammies

Christmas Jammies
Photo-A-Day #3519

We drove up to Jackson, NH today. It was a six hour and forty-five minute trip through rain and snow. I was driving the Buick Enclave that I have for the week and it performed like a champ. While much of the ride was white knuckled, it was still nice to take the car to The Christmas Farm Inn. We broke up the trip with a couple of stops including the stop that I had to make, which was to have dinner at the Poor People’s Pub. The Poor People’s Pub has been around for 40 years. I had to get myself a T-Shirt from the 40th year and a pepperoni pizza to enjoy.

The kids enjoy going to the Poor People’s Pub, at least Eva does, Andrew was asleep moments before we went in and slept through dinner. He woke up at the end and then was so out of it. He ate a few bites of his dinner and then it was back into the car to make our way to the final destination. Continue reading Christmas Jammies

Winter Imp

Photo-A-Day #3223

We had some fun playing around in the snow today after school. Eva and Andrew played on the mini slide and had fun sliding down into the snow over and over.

I had a Chevy Volt delivered to me to use for the week. It is a pretty sweet ride. It handled well in the snow and was all around fun to drive. It best be good in the snow because we’re getting plenty of it in the next week.