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Review: My Chord Friendship Bracelet Maker

My Chord Friendship Bracelet Maker

We received a My Chord Friendship Bracelet Maker to try out and review. My chief toy tester and I worked together on this review and opinions are 100% our own.

Over the Fourth of July we were on Cape Cod and our days were filled with all sorts of activities. I always like to make sure that there are plenty of things for the kids to do so that they don’t get bored. Eva is enjoying crafting and creating so I decided to bring the My Chord Friendship Bracelet Maker with us on the trip. I was right, she was excited to play with this and create friendship bracelets.

The product, like everything that I’ve reviewed from the Choose Friendship Company, is well made and has great functionality. The My Chord Friendship Bracelet Maker is made to look like a guitar and when chords are attacked to the maker it looks like the strings of the guitar. The chords themselves fit nicely into a slide out drawer on the side of the maker. The maker comes with ten pre-cut cords so that you can create 5 bracelets. There are also instructions on how to create the Square Knot and Corkscrew bracelets. Once your child masters those patterns and before they get bored check out a whole bunch of additional patterns on the My Friendship Bracelet Maker Blog. More patterns will be added as more designs are created by users of the maker. Continue reading Review: My Chord Friendship Bracelet Maker

That’s a Tasty Bracelet

Thats a Tasty Bracelet
Photo-A-Day #2129

Eva went over to visit her cousin yesterday and they celebrated Chinese New Year. Eva was given a paper firecracker and inside of it was a bag of candies and a few other things including a noisemaker and a paper dragon. In the candy bag she had a candy bracelet. She wanted to eat it today and she had fun figuring out how to eat the bracelet. It was funny watching her figure it out.

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