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First Omelet – Big Appetite

First Omelet

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00417

Andrew enjoyed his very first Omelet today. We were going to try and go to a donut shop this morning but when we got there we discovered that it will not be open until March 7th despite what it said online. I guess if you don’t update things online then they will not be correct in the real world. I had wished that it would be open since it has chocolate oreo donuts. I wanted to try them out.

So, we made a good thing out of a disappointment. We went and tried out a place called KP Grill. While we were there Andrew had his very first Omelet. He’s been asking for one a couple times now and we figured that this time he could tr it. He went with bacon and cheese. Eva and I tried their Breakfast BLT wraps and while I wasn’t quite sure I would enjoy them I did take a chance. I found it to worked well. It was a good breakfast find.

Lucky Ducks Had KC’s Twice in One Week

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00062

Being out sick means that I sleep normal hours and so we go to Church at the normal time but I don’t need to rush home to attempt to sleep the day away for work that night. I usually get in a nap. Allison went to meet her friend for coffee and that meant that I could take the kids out for breakfast. We have enjoyed KC’s Classic Burger Bar for breakfast before and so we did it again. These lucky ducks got to sit at the counter and order whatever they wanted. Andrew ordered a huge thing of Funky Monkey pancakes. He had one of them and then decided that he did not like the combination. But, he went full gusto into it at first.