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Book Review: One Busy Day

One Busy Day

We received a copy of One Busy Day by Lola M. Schaefer and illustrated by Jessica Meserve to read and review. Here are our opinions.

Your first friends are often your siblings. I only have experience being an older brother but remember when you younger sister wanted to do everything that I did and wanted to play with me. Now that I have kids I can see how Andrew wants to do the things that Eva is doing and he wants to play with her and spend time with her. For the most part she is patient and she plays well with him. Other times he’s just a little too little to play. As they get older I can see him wanting to spend even more time with her, they love each other very much.

This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a sister and brother. The sister is younger and she simply wants to play with her brother, however he is too busy. Each time that she tries to play with him he is busy and so she does something on her own. Through her imagination ordinary things take on an extraordinary feel. Eventually the older brother gets curious and decides to play with his sister and together they use their imaginations to have a wonderful adventure. My kids enjoyed the book and loved the illustrations. I have more details about the book below. Continue reading Book Review: One Busy Day