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Tons of Bubbles in the Fubbles No Spill Big Bubble Bucket

Playing with Fubbles Bubbles
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00122

Who doesn’t like bubbles? I’m sure there is some grouch out there who doesn’t but most people see bubbles they feel joy and may even try to pop one or two. My kids love bubbles and so when I was able to be a part of a special Twitter Party tomorrow for Little Kids, Inc. for their Fubbles No Spill Big Bubble Bucket I knew they’d be excited. The sample arrived today and the kids really wanted to try it out. So I filled it up and they gave it a try. The great thing about this is that the bucket is designed not to spill even when tipped over. If you know my kids then you know that spills and things tipping over are inevitable. I think that is pretty common with most kids. That is why this is such a great product! My kids have grown up using Fubbles. I looked back over all the old photos of them with bubbles and almost every time the product they were using was from Little Kids, Inc!

Tomorrow at 11am EST you have the chance to win one of four Fubbles No Spill Big Bubble Bucket and 32oz of Fubbles Bubbles. See the image below.


Plus there is the Grand Prize which is all that above (a Fubbles No Spill Big Bubble Bucket and 32oz of Fubbles Bubbles) and a whole lot more!! See the image below.


Click either image to RSVP for the Twitter Party or go to this link to RSVP, no RSVP no winning prizes. http://bit.ly/NoSpillBubblesRSVP

Review: Glove-A-Bubbles from ZING – Super Fun Backyard Bubbles Toy

Eva and Andrew with Glove-A-Bubbles

Zing sent us a bunch of Glove-A-Bubbles to try out and review. Opinions are our own. Affiliate links to Amazon.com are also present.

Kids love Bubbles, of that there is no doubt in my mind. they just love being able to blow bubbles, chase bubbles and even try to catch bubbles in their hands. As a parent, I am often resistant to bubbles because when the kids are small they can’t actually blow bubbles and you end up blowing them for the kids. Taking a tiny wand and trying to blow bubbles over and over until you are lightheaded and covered with slippery soap water isn’t my idea of fun. That is why I am a fan of Glove-A-Bubbles.

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