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Review: BoxiTale – A Virtual and Physical Board Game all in one!


We were provided a copy of BoxiTale free of charge to play with and review. Opinions are our own.

The Summer is here and my kids are already wanting to know what we are going to do all day long. Over and over I get asked what we are doing next. I’m also asked if the kids can play on their tablets. I don’t want them to be playing on the tablets all day long but I can’t be entertaining them every second either. I do, however, want them to use their creativity and work together. That is why I was excited about trying out the new game, BoxiTale. Continue reading Review: BoxiTale – A Virtual and Physical Board Game all in one!

Puzzle Power

Photo-A-Day #3314

I had such a successful afternoon making puzzles with Andrew today. After last week where I was so frustrated with the kid he goes and turns things around complete on me and we have a fantastic time making a Toy Story Puzzle. I try and help him with tips on how to find pieces that go together. Tips like, look for the eyes of this character, those will be pieces that go together, can you find the eyes. Since he knows what eyes are and he can figure out pieces with eyes that is a good place to start. He isn’t quite understanding the whole, smooth sides go on the outside concept be he is doing really well at puzzle building.