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Review: Busytown Toys

I was sent a few Busytown toys to review. If you are unfamiliar with Busytown you are missing one of my all-time childhood favorites. Richard Scarry’s Busytown is a wonderful series full of colorful characters and some very, very busy characters. When I was a kid I had some Busytown toys, too. You could build the town with interlocking green pieces that had slots where you placed hard cardboard pieces that formed the buildings. The figures were pretty good sized and there were vehicles, too. the one I really remember was Sergeant Murphy and his motorcycle with sidecar. It is nice to see that Busytown toys are out there now and Busytown is still around for kids to play with. Continue reading Review: Busytown Toys

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Photo-A-Day #2457

Eva and I played with some Busytown toys today. They came to me for review and we gave them to Andrew for Christmas. He’s not old enough to play with them let alone know that they exist so Eva and I opened them. I was taking photos for the review and Eva was being silly. So I snapped this photo and kept it for today because the eyes are too funny.