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Affiliate Summit West 2011 – Affiliate Improv Recap

ASE Recap
Photo-A-Day #2102

Today was the first day of Affiliate Summit West 2011. Daniel and I were part of a panel called Affiliate Improv. We were joined by Mike Buechele, Wade Tonkin and Jen Goode. I think that we made for a very diverse and knowledgeable panel. It was going to be a good day.

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Southern New England Media Makers 12/19/10

Gathered at SNEMM

Today I went to Morin’s for the monthly meeting of the Southern New England Media Makers. the format of the event if you have never been to one, is that there is time for people to gather and discuss and network. then a roll call is taken, usually on video. After video roll is done then we either order food or have the buffet (both are great choices). then we each have a few minutes to go into what we are doing in the way of making media. Sometimes that gets recorded as well. Today I recorded everyone doing their intros. There were seven of us in attendance today including Bruce K Garber (@brucekgarber), Steve Sherlock (@shersteve), Jeff Galsson (@jeffglasson), Kyle MacNaught (@kylemacnaught), Amanda MacArthur (@amaaanda), Patrick Hughes (@eastofprov) and me (@BenSpark). Here is the video where we each talk about what we are up to.

The great thing about a group like this is the chance to exchange ideas with people who “get you”. There are some awesome ideas coming out of this group. I’m so glad I found a group like this local to me.

I also brought one of my pocket XShots with me to give away. Bruce K Garber won it with a business card blind pick.

Bruce K Garber win's an XShot