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Boston Pizza?

Boston Pizza a Chain in Canada

So, here in Vancouver there is a strange thing that I just had to experience, Boston Pizza. They are everywhere. I went to Boston Pizza last night for dinner just to go there and check it out. Expecting a Boston themed restaurant I was surprised not to find any Boston decorations or anything. It’s just them name of the place.

It made me laugh to see, Boston Pizza rather than New York or Chicago Pizza, because frankly pizza is not what I associate with Boston, no matter how many times I’ve been to the North End. The only references I saw to Boston were on the menu, I had the Boston Royal Pizza, (Pepperoni, Ham, Peppers, Mushrooms, Olives, Onions and Shrimp.) Weird. They also have a Boston Extreme Heat sauce for the wings, which were not at all as good as the wings at Montana’s (Which by the way was themed like a lodge in Montana.)

Despite the false advertising of this restaurant having anything to do with Boston the pizza was actually decent.

I’m in Fogville

The Vancouver Harbor

I’m in Fogville. Every morning it is dark, every night it is dark, every afternoon, well you know the rest. I am in Vancouver BC and it has been foggy and cold each day so far, oh and its rained for a change too.

So, I’ve not been uploading images this week. I’m on a dial-up too and I’m not able to really upload much of anything. I tried to take another picture from my hotel window again. If you would like a big grey image I would upload it, but however it is not much fun.

I bought an umbrella. I rented movies Charlie’s Angels 2 and Bulletproof Monk. I can rent in BC now from Blockbuster. Both movies were okay, lots of crashes and fights, guy movie stuff. (i.e. Movies that make Allison’s eyes roll.)

I found a new chicken wing sauce that is my new favorite. Honey Garlic! I had dinner at a restaurant called Montana’s last night and had chicken wings that were fried in cornmeal then coated with Honey Garlic sauce. They were awesome!

Hopefully the sun will come out so I can get pictures like the one above (Taken from Weather.com).