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Camera Standoff over Year 7

Photo-A-Day #2184

All is not well in my camera bag. Sure it is a wonderful and functional Lowepro Fastpack 250 (Black). But, with all the cameras and camera equipment I’ve been carrying around for the past month space has gotten tight. Things all came to a head when I decided not to take my camera bag with me to work today. I guess without me around to regulate the aggression of these shooters well, they took to their tripods and decided to settle things once and for all. Continue reading Camera Standoff over Year 7

Jingle Bell Doggy

Jingle Bell Doggy
Photo-A-Day #2072

Eva was in rare form and hilarious today. She fell into the toilet doing the potty all by herself. Later she had a cup of water and let it spill on the floor then got a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom and put pieces down all over the place to “clean it up”. A few of them even covered over the water.

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