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Eva’s 1st Pawsox Game

Eva's 1st Pawsox Game
Photo-A-Day #1602

Tonight we took Eva to her first Pawtucket Red Sox, PawSox, game. Mu cousin Carissa has been home from California for the week and she asked us if we wanted to go. We went with Carissa, her boyfriend Sam, my cousins Shaun and his wife Morgan and my Uncle Rich. The game started at 7:05pm so yes, we were those parents bringing a 2 year old (essentially, she’s got less than two months to go and I can’t stand that weeks/months stuff), yikes, to a night game. She was so excited on the way to the game too. She kept saying “going to a baseball game” and she was wearing her Aunt Shelby’s pink Red Sox hat, she looked adorable.

I must tell you off the bat that I am no sports fan. If you couldn’t tell by the very small amount of sports talk on this blog but I’m not a fan. I think professional athletes are overpaid crybabies for the majority. There are some guys who love what they do and play for the love of the game, but not many. I do however enjoy the minor league games because these guys are working on making their way up so they hustle, the parks hustle and the fans get a good show for the money. We paid $10 a ticket for box seats and $2.00 to park. We were handed a sheet of baseball cards because it was a promo night and we had a great view of the field. I like that, I like feeling like I got something for my money.

The thing that I really liked about this was that we could take Eva and she could enjoy the show. McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket has a real family feel to it. They have a mascot and there is a picture place where kids can have their pictures taken with the mascot. Games are played up on the big screens and there are many fun things that go on that you won’t see in a major league park. Eva was up on her chair dancing, clapping and yelling. She was having a great time. It was really fun to watch. Despite my not being thrilled overall with sports (it does nothing for me) I did enjoy seeing Eva in her little hat enjoying a hot pretzel and watching the players. She sat with me and I pointed out what everyone on the team did. There was something really special about that. Allison can go and correct my mistakes later as she has years of experience watching baseball games.

We left the game early because it was getting late for Eva. She must have been wired because she didn’t fall asleep in the car. I think she was in that too tired stupor that we all end up in from being up too late.

I’ve posted the photos from the PawSox ballgame.

3 Days off…

I took a few days off from the Blog. I have much to recap… which I will do tonight.

Just a few things.

Good luck to my cousin Carissa and her boyfriend Chris, they start a 2 week cross country trip to move to San Diego. We went to their going away party last night. I hope they keep that photo journal we talked about. Road trip sounds like so much fun.

Chris, Carissa, Allison and I.

Speaking of Road trip I did manage to tape at least one episode of Feasting on Asphalt, granted Mo and her Dad didn’t like it but I’ll give it my own shot before I pass judgment.

This comic was partly inspired by a conversation that was had on the YHT forums regarding displaying toys in the house. Thanks Don for capturing the fully weight of the issue.

Autobots darkest hour.
Life on Pause
Click for Life on Pause website, blog entry and full size comic.

Much more to come later tonight.