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Unicorns and Fairies from Playmobil

Photo-A-Day #3240

I toured the Playmobil booth while at Toy Fair and on the way out I received a small package with two figures a Fairy and a Unicorn. This year there are many fairy and unicorn themed toys from Playmobil. There are sets with fairies and larger unicorns but then there are some baby unicorns and a fairy castle and more. Each year that I have gone to Toy Fair the Playmobil booth is always impressive. The toys are all completely new and there are a ton of sets. This year is no exception. There were so many different sets and each one was made with the Playmobil quality that I’ve come to expect. Eva loved this Unicorn and Fairy set and added it to the promotional figure that she received last year. I hope to review some more of these Playmobil products in 2014. I think that they would be perfect for Eva to use to explore that ever expanding imagination of hers.

Avian Housing Renewal

Photo-A-Day #2317

Eva and I picked up birdhouses on Wednesday during our Long Overdue Daddy / Daughter Date Day. This morning we took the paints and birdhouses out to the table and started painting. Eva enjoys painting, she absolutely loves it. She love being artistic and having fun. Me, I enjoy painting but I like to make sure that everything is nice and neat, read: OCD/Anal Retentive. Continue reading Avian Housing Renewal