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The Mystery of the Smashed Cellphone Camera Glass

Photo-A-Day #3864
My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera glass got smashed, what do I do now?

I was taking my cell phone from my pocket today and my finger grazed the glass over the lens of the camera. It felt rough and strange. I flipped the camera over and discovered what you see above. For some reason my camera glass got smashed. I have never broken something on any of my cell phones this badly before. And I have no idea how it happened. I dropped my phone the other day while getting out of Allison’s car but it was fine. At least I think it was. I grabbed it quickly and turned it on, I didn’t turn it over. It may have smashed then.

So, not ever experiencing this before I first was incredulous. Then I got to work. I couldn’t have bits of jagged glass ready to stick into my waiting fingers. So, I took some tweezers and peeled off the glass cover. It was pretty easy actually, the whole thing is like a sticker. Once it was off and the glass was all removed I tried to see how it could be fixed. It is surprisingly cheap to replace, actually. I found the part online for $2.37 and free shipping. Saves me from having to shell out any major bucks at the Verizon store.

Review: T-Mobile G2

I had the opportunity to test out the HTC G2 from T-Mobile for two weeks. When I was at Modern Media Man back last September I met up with the representative from T-Mobile and he connected me with the PR agency to be able to test out the phone. I was sent the phone and was able to do everything with it possibile except for hear anything on a phone call. Since I wasn’t making a lot of calls with it anyway I didn’t really mind. There must have been some setting that I didn’t figure out on that phone. The more important thing for me was being able to use the smart phone features. Continue reading Review: T-Mobile G2