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The Last of the Tomatoes

Photo-A-Day #3469

I think that we have seen the very last of the tomatoes for the season. Our tomatoe plant has seen much better days and the tomatoes that are one the plant are tiny and unripe. They are also starting to fall off the plant or have been knocked off by animals or Andrew. I found these two little ones and liked how they looked. Cool coloring on each of them.

Decaying Beauty

Decaying Beauty
Photo-A-Day #1581

Some of the flowers at the house are on the way out.

Almost Ripe

Some of the vegetables at the house are on the way to becoming ripe and ready for the picking.

I’ve been getting ready for my trip down to New York for Affiliate Summit East. One thing that I decided to do and should prove to be very useful was read this post by my friend Heather in Beautiful British Columbia: Affiliate Summit East Tips for Virgins. I’ve been to many conferences over the years but Affiliate Summit is one I have never been to. I’m pretty sure I knew all the tips already but I read it just the same to see Heather’s insight as she is mistress of the blogger lounge! I’m already part of the Affiliate Summit Social Network so check me out there.

Another thing I took care of for Affiliate Summit East was getting some new business cards. Well, I ordered them on August 1st and they came in on Monday. Which is great because I had to pay $30 extra dollars for a rush delivery. But they came out great. Hit me up for one at the Meet Market or at the many fabulous Parties. You might even be lucky enough to win an xshot from me.