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Sand Water Table in Winter

Sand Water Table
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00028

The kids have a Sand and Water table that has had very little use in the past few years. With the wind whipping around the backyard the cover has come off more often than not. When that happens the rain gets in. Then, with the freezing weather we get big ice pieces in the table. Andrew must have tried to push on this which made the ice go up into the air with the silly little octopus. It is a cute little toy. I miss that the kids no longer really play with this because they have gotten older. The thing that made it even harder was that Facebook showed me memories of Eva playing with the Sand and Water Table for the first time many years ago. We’ll be finding a new home for it soon, too. I’d love to find another child who would enjoy it. It would be very easy to clean it up for the next kid.

To His Own Drum

Swing Time

this week I’ve been taking Andrew to Zoo Camp while Allison takes Eva to Baking Camp. This is because I go to the gym right afterwards. Andrew wants to walk over to the park and while it means I have to walk back and then go to the gym, it is worth going to see how well he does on the playground equipment. I also got the chance to take a few photos of him with his new haircut. He looks so grown up. Continue reading To His Own Drum