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SwagsGiving 2 Giveaway: Barefoot Books Book: Shopping With Dad

Allison, Eva and I are Barefoot Books Ambassadors. Actually the bulk of the work falls to Allison, this is her business and she does a real nice job with it. When today’s scheduled SwagsGiving giveaway did not arrive in time for me to properly review and set it up Allison offered to put up a book to give away. I chose the book Shopping with Dad. The reason I chose that one was that it is about a father and daughter who go shopping together. The story is fun and silly and shows a strong love between the father and daughter. It also shows some major patience and a reaction to an event that shows calm and poise. That is really tough with kids in the supermarket.

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Nana Star and the Moonman Video Review

Eva and I sit down to read Nana Star and the Moonman. Eva absolutely loves this book but what she loves much more is the audio track that goes with the story. We put both Nana star and Nana Star and the Moonman onto our ipods (including Eva’s) and she listens to it each night as she goes to bed. She even asks just for Nana Star. That actually beats out Paddington as the nighttime story on the iPod.

Read to Me, Dad – Reviews – Nana Star and the MoonMan from BenSpark on Vimeo.

A new review series for Read To Me, Dad. This is my second one which is of the follow-up to Nana Star called Nana Star and the MoonMan.