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A Bunch of Great Disney Hyperion Books and Fun at the Plaground

Concentration at beating Daddy
Photo-A-Day #4196

After school I took Andrew out for lunch. We were going to go to Tex Barry’s for some Coney Island Hot Dogs but we couldn’t find a parking spot so instead we went to Bliss Bros. Today was National Frappe day and I certainly wanted a Frappe but I didn’t end up getting one because I had already eaten plenty and Andrew got a bowl of ice cream with his meal that was more than enough to share.

After lunch we went over to the playground across the way. The main intention of that was to get Andrew tired out, he didn’t get tired. He used up his nap yesterday when it would have been better if he hadn’t. He was, however really good about playing quietly in his room so that I could shut my eyes for a while. I did not sleep well and was facing a 12 hour overnight shift after being up at 4am. Such is the glamorous life of being on a weekend overnight shift.

The other thing that I wanted to talk about today were the great books that I’ve been getting from Disney Hyperion to review. I get these books for free and then I talk about them, either on my vlogs or in blog posts. I give a complete breakdown of the great books on the vlog today and below the video are links to each of the books where you can buy them on Amazon.com using my affiliate code.

The Books on Amazon.com

Read To Me, Dad Reviews – Barefoot Books – Starlight Sailor

Eva was a little sad when we started reading this book because it was time for bed. It is a great book for bed though because it is all about dreams. I loved reading this to Eva. She was very much into the book as we began to read. The illustrations and ideas in the book are wonderful. Your child will be transported to a magical dream filled place for sure.

We are Barefoot Books Ambassadors and as such if you purchase Barefoot Books of your own through our blog you help Eva’s education fund. She’s going to be a great reader someday. You can buy Barefoot Books through our Ambassador Link or you can even become a Barefoot Books Ambassador yourself.

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